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Life on Campus333476CMU offers many opportunites for a great campus life through fraternities, sororities and student organizations. Or, cheer on the CMU Chippewas football team.5/22/2014 7:18:34 PMstudying, take in a concert, listen to the life story of a guest speaker, or express your events to killer sushi, memorable moments await you and your friends on and off campus STS_Webhttps://go.cmich.edu725601919 Student%20Organizations University%20Recreation Events1https://go.cmich.edu5/22/2014 7:18:34 PMhtmlTrueBLANKINTERNETaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js
Mental and Health Resources 320166Mental and Health Resources 11/3/2015 5:53:16 PMThe center provides a variety of Foust Hall 200 Preston at East Campus Drive 774-6599 TDD: 774-3055 STS_ListItem_PublishingPages Pages.aspx78613300https://www.cmich.edu11/3/2015 5:53:16 PMhtmlFalseaspx1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
New Student Orientation262619Academic Orientation Spring Semester2/3/2016 7:49:23 PMmeet with academic advisors right where you live and enjoy flexible and convenient dining the right hand navigation bar on this page to find details about your specific orientation STS_Web 7:49:23 PMhtmlTrueCMU_INTRANET_SITEDEFaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js
Go CMU333464Your glimpse at life as a Chippewa11/19/2015 1:25:39 PMYour glimpse of life as a Chippewa of students living in residence halls combine classes on campus with online courses STS_Site1746283143747307Your glimpse at life as a Chippewa Housing Tuition%20and%20Aid Academics Apply 404 Life%20on%20Campus Contact%20Us Visit2https://go.cmich.edu11/19/2015 1:25:39 PMhtmlTrueBLANKINTERNETaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js
Scholarships and Financial Aid292696Scholarships and financial aid for political science and public administration students1/25/2016 4:42:23 PMGreek Life – (10 month) Providing leadership to the Fraternity & Sorority Life community; work with Greek councils and STS_Web 4:42:23 PMhtmlTrueCMU_INTERNET_SITEDEFaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js
News & Events261096CHSBS Events2/12/2016 4:33:38 PMof Aspiring Adults Adrift: Tentative Transitions of College Graduates, to campus conversations about social and political issues that make a difference to students’ lives STS_Web 4:33:38 PMhtmlTrueCMU_INTERNET_SITEDEFaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js
Frequently Asked Questions3181404/8/2015 9:28:38 PM there is any information you need top of page Activities take place year round on campus and because nothing is beyond walking distance all students are able to enjoy campus life STS_ListItem_PublishingPages 9:28:38 PMhtmlFalseaspx1616~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_WebPage.js
Residence Life257517Residence Life9/3/2015 8:44:56 Residence Life Home!    Our surveys continue to show that living on campus increases Your likelihood of graduating A higher grade point The Office of Residence Life STS_Web Residence%20Halls Application%20Information Leadership%20Safari General%20Information Apartment%20Living Living%20and%20Learning%20Communities Employment%20Opportunities Policies2https://www.cmich.edu9/3/2015 8:44:56 PMhtmlTrueCMU_INTRANET_SITEDEFaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js
Guides2563489/15/2015 7:36:52 PMneed to search one or more of the databases listed on the Databases by Subject page you are a CMU student, staff, or faculty member, your campus ID is your library card STS_Web 7:36:52 PMhtmlTrueBLANKINTERNETaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js
Camp Central25586911/9/2015 3:12:21 PMis to bring together expertise from across campus and create campus synergies in the areas of teacher education STS_Web 3:12:21 PMhtmlTrueBLANKINTERNETaspx11;1611~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Search/Item_Site.js

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