Books on your computer, not in your bag.

What if we said you could access all of your class materials — including your textbooks — on your computer, at anytime and from anywhere, AND it would only cost you about 40 percent as much as the physical form?

Well, we ARE saying that.

At CMU, making college affordable is a priority, and we take advantage of any opportunity to lessen the financial burden on students.

Enter the Inclusive Access Digital Content Program through the CMU Bookstore.

What is Inclusive Access?

With this program, students enrolled in participating courses receive all of their class materials, including textbooks, assignments, projects, quizzes, study material and more in a digital format on the first day of class. It rolled out to a handful of courses in 2016 and has expanded to include more than 117 courses (and counting!) in Spring 2020.

How much will it save me?

In two words, a lot. CMU works directly with publishers to offer students the lowest possible price for your materials. That results in about a 60 percent savings for you!



CMU students saved a total of $4.6 million since the program began in 2016!

How do I sign up?

You don't have to! If you enroll in a class that offers Inclusive Access, you're automatically entered to receive the digital version of your materials at the lower price. The cost of the books is charged to your CMU student account, so no waiting in line. You can opt out of the program through the first week of class and get a refund*.

*If you opt out, you will have to find and purchase the materials on your own. CMU Bookstore carries limited numbers of physical materials for courses included in the Inclusive Access program.

How do I access my books and materials?

You will be sent the electronic materials by email or through Blackboard on the first day of class. You can access it all anytime from anywhere via Blackboard. The materials are available to students for the entire semester. In some cases, you get the materials for 180 days or even lifetime access.

Can I still buy a physical textbook?

Sure. If you're someone who prefers a hard copy, the CMU Bookstore may carry a limited number of physical copies onsite. Or you can find and purchase the books at retail price from other vendors. Note, in some cases a physical book is not available with Inclusive Access. The CMU Bookstore will do their best to acquire a physical copy of the materials.

For more information or if you have additional questions, contact:

CMU Bookstore