​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Program Description

Humans have been writing since the days of hieroglyphics. As a student in CMU’s English program, you’ll tap into and build your reading, writing, research and critical-thinking skills while developing a deeper appreciation for literature. You’ll have writing and networking opportunities with on-campus student groups and publications. If you’re interested in children’s literature, the Instructional Materials Center includes contemporary works and teaching materials, and the Lucile Clarke Memorial Children’s Library includes more than 7,000 old and rare children’s books. Whether you’re looking for a teaching or nonteaching major or minor, we’ve got the English program perfectly suited for you.​​

  • Specialization in Creative Writing
  • Specialization in Nonfiction Writing
  • Specialization in World Literature
  • Specialization in Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • Specialization in American and British Literature
  • Specialization in Applied Linguistics

Points of Pride

The English Language and Literature department features a large faculty with backgrounds that include children’s literature, creative writing, English education, linguistics and world literature. Several faculty members have been honored with CMU’s Excellence in Teaching Award, and the department also features recent recipients of the President's and Provost’s Awards for Outstanding Research and Creative Activity.

Put Your Degree to Work

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Visit the Department of English Language and Literature’s website or contact:

Department of English Language and Literature
Anspach Hall 215
Email: english@cmich.edu
Phone: 989-774-3171

Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this academic program requires. For a full review of this program in detail please see our official online academic bulletin AND consult with an academic advisor. This listing does not include the General Education courses required for all majors and may not include some program specific information, such as admissions, retention, and termination standards.

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English Literatures, Language, and Writing Major

Total: 39 semester hours
Required Courses I
(9 hours)
Introduction to Literary Analysis
ENG 334
Literary and Cultural Theory
Senior Seminar: Advanced Literary Analysis
Required Courses II
(3 hours)
Select one of the following:
ENG 175
The Nature of Language
ENG 271
Modern Grammar
ENG 375
Introduction to Linguistics
Required Courses III
(3 hours)
Select one of the following:
Introduction to Creative Writing
Nonfiction Writing
Technical Writing
Required Courses IV
(12 hours)
Note: In Required Courses IV, students must take at least one course in each of the following traditions: A = American B = British C = World Courses in Category IV.a. will be offered in sections designated as A, B , or C; for example, ENG 336 Topics in Early Modern Literature may focus on American literature (section 336A), British literature (section 336B) or World literature (section 336C). Students may not satisfy the requirements for Category IV.a by repeating the same course number with a different section (e.g., cannot use both ENG 336A and 336B). Repeated course numbers with sections may count as electives. Courses in Category IV.b will not have specific A, B, and C sections: ENG 329 satisfies the A requirement (American); ENG 325, 328, 330, and 333 satisfy the C requirement (World); ENG 327 and 381WI do not fulfill A, B, or C requirements.
IV.a. Historical Periods
(9 hours)
IV.b. Comparative Cultural and Literary Traditions
(3 hours)
(12 hours)
Select 12 hours of ENG courses, with at least 6 hours at the 400 or 500 level; no more than 3 hours of 100-level ENG courses may count toward electives. OR Students may specialize in a particular area by choosing one of the following specializations, with at least 6 hours at the 400 or 500 level .
Specialization 1: Creative Writing
(12 hours)
Specialization 2: Nonfiction Writing
(12 hours)
Specialization 3: World Literature
(12 hours)
Specialization 4: Children's and Young Adult Literature
(12 hours)
Specialization 5: American and British Literature
(12 hours)
Specialization 6: Applied Linguistics
(12 hours)