​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Program Description

So you want to be a doctor? CMU students select a major of their choice and follow the pre-medicine program of study to prepare for acceptance to medical school. At CMU, you’ll be a pre-professional undergraduate receiving attention, resources and research opportunities. You’ll also have an academic adviser dedicated to students interested in pre-professional programs of study, including pre-medicine.​​

Points of Pride

The CMU College of Medicine is the nation’s 137th medical school. Opened in fall 2013, its unique mission is to train physicians who will serve in rural and medically underserved areas such as central and northern Michigan.

Put Your Degree to Work

​U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sample data

JobMedian PayJob Growth through ​2022​
Physician — primary care$220,942 per year18% (123,300 more jobs)
Physician — medical specialties$396,233 per year18% (123,300 more jobs)
Anesthetist$96,460 per year31% (47,600 more jobs)

For More Information

Visit the College of Science and Engineering website​ or contact:

Pre-Health Professions Academic Advisor
Amber Schneider
Emmons Hall 136A
Email: schne1ae@cmich.edu
Phone: 989-774-7506