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As a social science student, you’ll study the connections among sociology, history, political science, geography and economics. This major complements studies in communications, entrepreneurship, environmental studies, geographic information science, journalism, leadership and military science.​​

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Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this academic program requires. For a full review of this program in detail please see our official online academic bulletin AND consult with an academic advisor. This listing does not include the General Education courses required for all majors and may not include some program specific information, such as admissions, retention, and termination standards.

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Social Science Major

The Social Science Major is an interdisciplinary program useful for students with a general interest in the social sciences. The major complements a wide variety of minors in the social sciences as well as minors in communications, entrepreneurship, sustainability and environmental policy, geographic information science, journalism, leadership, and military science. The major is also a flexible program useful for students who are changing their majors late in their undergraduate program. The Social Science major is similar to the social studies major, but does not lead to K-12 certification. Students will be assigned an advisor in their focus area or be advised by the Chair of the Social Science Council.
Total: 37-38 semester hours
Required Courses I
(12 hours)
plus one additional course in Economics (ECO) or Sociology (SOC) for 3 hours.
GEO 121
Human Geography and Globalization
HST 111
The Quest for Liberty: The United States to 1865
PSC 105
Introduction to American Government and Politics
Required Courses II
(9-10 hours)
Select 9 to 10 hours, one course from each of the following groups:
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Required Courses III
(12 hours)
Twelve (12) additional hours in a single social science discipline from the following designators: ECO, GEO, HST, PSC, or SOC. At least six of these hours must be at the 300 level or higher.
Required Courses IV
(1 hour)
Select one of the following:
Note: Students must enroll in one of the four courses listed above for one credit hour in consultation with the major advisor to complete a portfolio project on a social science topic appropriate to the area of emphasis.
GEO 397
Independent Study
HST 497
Special Studies
PSC 390
Independent Study
PSC 590
Independent Study
(3 hours)
Three additional hours at the 300 level or higher in a discipline other than the one chosen in Required Courses III, from one of the following designators: ECO, GEO, HST, PSC, or SOC.