Program Description

You can lead the way in wellness education and promotion in our communities. As a community health professional, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to help people identify and modify behaviors leading to wellness, develop an exercise plan, apply stress management techniques, and identify community prevention programs. Our skilled faculty will teach you to assess your own wellness habits and develop specific plans to improve personal health. You'll be ready to help others live longer, healthier lives too.

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

Why Study Community Health at CMU?

At Central Michigan University, you are receiving more than a minor in community health. You are receiving a lifetime of knowledge that will benefit your health and the well-being of others. Our minor will allow you to inform and motivate people to lead healthy lifestyles.

Skilled faculty will teach you to assess your own wellness habits and develop specific plans to improve personal health for lifelong learning about healthier lifestyles. It will then create an increased interest in practicing those healthier practices to improve the overall quality of life.

Note: There is a considerable overlap of health content courses with the major in public health education. If you are majoring in public health education, you are advised to select a minor from another discipline to broaden your knowledge and competencies.

Program Highlights

With a CMU community health minor, you’ll:

  • Inform and motivate people to live healthy lives.
  • Educate people and offer practical tips to improve their wellness.
  • Positively impact the quality of life for members of your community.
  • Lay the groundwork for a profession in health education or other community-focused and education roles.

Program Overview

For a full review of programs and required courses, visit CMU's official online academic bulletin and consult with an academic advisor.

For More Information

Visit the School of Health Sciences website or contact:

CHP Student Service Center
Health Professions Building 1250
Phone: ​989-774-2315