​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Program Description

Turn your passion for health and fitness, helping people live healthier and fuller lives into a teaching career. This major in health and physical education will give you the skills, knowledge, credentials and field experience to teach K-12 students.

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

Why Study Health and Physical Education at CMU?

Health trends in the U.S. are on a downward trend with obesity, mental health issues, substance abuse, and other health complications on the rise. The good news? You can turn the tide by helping others live healthier and fitter lives. As a health and physical education major at CMU, you'll be equipped and certified to change the lives of K-12 students as a passionate teacher.

Learn from experienced faculty in the company of like-minded peers. Through your coursework, you’ll gain knowledge in physical fitness, nutrition, human sexuality, disease prevention, functional motor competency, fitness plan development and assessment, and more. Plus, with CMU's requirement to accrue 60 hours of on-site field experience as a physical educator, you'll be more than prepared as a teacher after you graduate.

Make your transition to college a smooth one. As an incoming health and physical education student, live with peers who share your passion for the health professions. The Health Professions Residential College offers a friendly and supportive environment to roughly 170 students every year. The average GPA of students living in the college is 3.44 and 98 percent of them participate in learning and scholarly opportunities beyond the classroom—giving them a valuable edge for pursuing health and education careers.

You'll graduate prepared to not only teach at the elementary and secondary levels but also to pursue careers in nutrition, strength and conditioning, sports and recreation, athletic coaching, corporate wellness and more.

Program Highlights

As a health and physical education student here, you'll:

  • Gain real-world health and physical education skills and knowledge through 60-hour on-site field experience.
  • Be able to apply to 12 undergraduate scholarships, including the Bob Currie Memorial, the Dan and Bobbie Rose Scholarship, the Grace L. Ryan Scholarship, and more.
  • Have the chance to join a supportive community and live in the Health Professions Residential College.
  • Take advantage of the Health Professions Building and its human strength training/acrobatics, sports medicine research, human performance, motor learning research, and human anatomy labs.
  • Graduate certified to teach health and physical education to K-12 students.

Program Overview

For a full review of programs and required courses, visit CMU's official online academic bulletin and consult with an academic advisor.

For More Information

Visit the Physical Education and Sport website or contact:

Department of Physical Education and Sport
Student Activity Center 194A
Email: pes@cmich.edu
Phone: ​989-774-2026