​​​Program Description

We can know where we’re going only if we know where we’ve been. Understanding the political, cultural, social and economic life of past civilizations enhances your understanding of the present. You’ll develop critical thinking, problem solving, research, writing and analytical skills useful in a range of careers.

Put Your Degree to Work

As a history graduate, you position yourself for a variety of professions, including archaeologist​, archivist, college professor, foreign-service employee, historical society director, historian, history teacher, journalist, lawyer, museum technician and politician.

​U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sample data

JobMedian PayJob Growth through ​2022​
Archivist/curator$44,410 per year11% (3,300 more jobs)
High school teacher$55,050 per year6% (52,900 more jobs)
Historian$52,480 per year6% (200 more jobs)

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Program Overview

The course listings below are a representation of what this academic program requires. For a full review of this program in detail please see our official online academic bulletin AND consult with an academic advisor. This listing does not include the General Education courses required for all majors and may not include some program specific information, such as admissions, retention, and termination standards.

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Public History Major

Advisors: Jay Martin, Timothy Hall
Total: 40-46 hours
Core Courses I
(3 hours)
Select one of the following:
PSC 100
Introduction to Political Science
PSC 105
Introduction to American Government and Politics
Core Courses II
(22-25 hours)
Note: Must take at least 3 hours of HST 595.
ANT 175
Archaeology of the Americas
HST 301
The Craft of History
HST 580
Public History
HST 583
Archival Administration
HST 595
Internship in Public History
MST 310
Introduction to Museums
PAD 210
Introduction to Public Administration
Core Courses III
(3 hours)
Select one of the following:
HST 111
The Quest for Liberty: The United States to 1865
HST 112
The Struggle for Equality: The United States, 1865-Present
Electives I
(3 hours)
Select one of the following:
ANT 320
North American Indian Cultures
ANT 344
Michigan Archaeology
ANT 426
Archaeological Theory
ANT 500
Field School in Archaeology
ANT 540/CRM 540
Archaeological Field and Laboratory Techniques
HST 585
Oral History
RPL 470
Park and Natural Resource Management
RPL 521
Fund Development & Grant Writing for Public & Non-profit Organizations
RPL 552
Environmental Interpretation
Electives II
(9-12 hours)
Three (3) hours of U.S. History at the 300 level or above Six to nine (6-9) hours of HST 100-599