Central Michigan University offers approximately 200 undergraduate academic programs for you to pursue your passion and discover your future. Find the area that interests you and see what programs CMU offers.

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* Indicates this major also is offered as a minor

**Certificates are not majors and are designed to enhance your professional skills within a focused discipline. Ranging from 12 to 18 credits, undergraduate certificates are built to showcase the competency and practical skills employers seek.

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Art and Design

You're someone who best expresses themselves through visuals. You find inspiration in creating, not telling. CMU’s art and design programs can help you speak your mind without saying a word. ​

Biology, Biomedical, Natural Resources, Microscopy

You're interested in the functions of living organisms and how every element of life operates within them. Explore this world through hands-on research in CMU's science programs.

Broadcasting and Film

Do you live for being in front of the camera? Or maybe behind it? CMU's broadcasting and film programs put you in one of the most comprehensive electronic media programs in the country.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Whether its researching new drugs to cure disease, finding renewable energy sources, or understanding cell development, you use science to solve problems. CMU’s chemistry and biochemistry programs will put you in the lab to do just that.
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You understand words have power and you know how to use them to engage and inspire. In CMU’s communication program, you’ll develop communication skills to help solve problems.

Computer Science and Information Technology

You like to stay ahead of the game with emerging technologies and their applications. CMU’s computer science and information technology programs will strengthen your expertise in networks, database management, programming and more.

English, Humanities and World Languages

Do you want to learn about a variety of cultures through language, religion, history and more? In CMU's English and world language programs, see the profound impact culture, through many lenses, has on the world.
Undergraduate certificates **
Creative Writing Certificate Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate Translation (English and Spanish) Certificate


You're a tinkerer. You're fascinated with how things work and solve problems when they don't. CMU's engineering programs will help you turn that fascination into a career.

Engineering Technology

Do you look at a new technology and think about all the development that went into it? In CMU’s engineering technology programs, you’ll learn how to be the one who launches it.
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Environmental Science

Do you want to help solve environmental issues through a deep knowledge of environmental systems and their impact? CMU’s environmental science program will give you the tools and the skills to make a difference in the world around you.

Geographic Information Science

Are you interested in developing new approaches to land use to solve geographic problems for cities, businesses and the like? CMU’s GIS program will put you in the field to enhance your skills in mapping, imaging, GIS hardware and software, and more.
Geographic Information Sciences * Geographic Information Sciences minor

Geography and Environmental Studies

You care deeply about the relationship and interactions between humans and their environment, whether that be pollution and global warming or natural resources and hazards. CMU’s geography and environmental studies courses will help prepare you to make the influential decisions.


Are you curious about the physical Earth and how it changes over time? Through observation and hands-on opportunities, CMU’s geology program will give you the skills to fully study Earth’s evolving features.

Health Sciences

Do you wonder what causes dehydration? How environmental factors can play a part in community wellness? Or the role exercise plays in health? In CMU’s variety of health sciences programs, you’ll gain a deep knowledge of how science and health mix.
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Health Professions Preparation

Pre-professional studies work with related academic majors and provide a path to prepare you for advanced schooling in specialized areas. They are NOT majors or minors at CMU. You still need to choose an undergraduate major in consultation with an advisor.


You know the impact words and images can have. Through the art of storytelling and creative writing, you can inspire people to think, feel and act. In CMU’s journalism programs, you will both understand and employ the power of words and images.


You prefer to deal with the concrete rather than the abstract and apply statistics and reasoning to solving problems. Mathematics and statistics are the language of science and the natural world. Explore this language and build a wide range of skills in critical thinking.


You’re no fair-weathered climate fanatic. You want to predict the unpredictable by understanding meteorological changes and what causes them. CMU’s meteorology program will immerse you into the field with hands-on research opportunities.


Music invokes emotions in you like nothing else can. It captivates and inspires. It makes you move and feel. CMU’s music program can help you bring that to others through creation of sound and melody.
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Physics and Astronomy

From bright galaxies to the smallest atoms, you want to understand the behavior of matter and the fundamental principles of the universe. CMU’s physics and astronomy programs will have you reaching for the stars … or the nuclei.

Sciences Exploratory

Are you interested in science but haven’t settled on a specific area? Explore your interest in science at CMU.
Undergraduate certificates **
Fermentation Science Certificate

Social Sciences

You’re interested in how the human mind works, the power of political systems and the factors that influence a person’s behavior. CMU’s social science programs offer a look into the human psyche.
Undergraduate certificates **
African and African Diaspora Studies Certificate American Indian Studies Certificate Citizen Engagement Certificate Cultural Competency Certificate East Asian Studies Certificate European Studies Certificate Global Governance and Advocacy Certificate Governance of Nations Certificate Human Geography Certificate International Non-governmental Organization (NGO) Administration Certificate International Security Studies Certificate Latin American and Latino Studies Certificate Lawmaking and Legal Processes Certificate Middle East and Islamic Studies Certificate Political Advocacy and Elections Certificate Public and Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Public Policy Analysis Certificate Social Justice in Global Health Certificate


You have a passion for learning and want to ignite that same curiosity in others. CMU’s teacher education and professional development programs will help you develop the next generation of leaders.


You were born with a penchant to perform, on stage or behind the scenes. CMU’s theatre program will put you there, where it will be you who captivates the audience.
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