Download the checklist for a handy reference to these steps.

To receive priority processing and have the best opportunity for admission, complete your application by Dec. 1.

Each application is personally reviewed with a holistic approach. Our freshman class has an average high school grade point average of 3.41 and an average SAT score of 1103. Along with being strong academically, successful CMU students tend to be well rounded in activities, interests and involvement.

Checklist for Application

  • Complete your application
  • Have your official transcripts and SAT/ACT scores sent to CMU*
  • Pay your $40 application fee
  • Complete your FAFSA by Feb. 15 and designate CMU as your school of choice to qualify for financial aid.


Here are some important deadlines to consider throughout your admissions process.

*Transfer Students: In addition to the steps listed above, you must request that each college or university you have attended send your official transcripts directly to the CMU Admissions Office​. If you have completed fewer than 24 college semester hours, you also must submit your high school transcript.