​​​​The residence hall experience goes far beyond pizza and late-night study sessions. At CMU, you can choose one of our living and learning communities, tailored to your academic major or interests and located right within the residence halls.

Theme Halls

Students find common ground through the rich, educational diversity of our theme halls. Consider the First-Year Learning Community in Trout Hall if you’re a first-generation student or still choosing a major.

Across campus, Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd Cofer Scholars call Troutman home and find workshops, social activities and programs there for student leaders pursuing inclusion and cultural understanding through civic engagement.

CMU’s theme halls are:

Honors Program Residential CommunityLarzelere Hall
Leader Advancement ScholarsCalkins Hall
Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd Cofer ScholarsTroutman Hall
Transfer Student CommunityKulhavi Hall

Residential Colleges

CMU residential colleges let you immerse yourself in academics. They offer a perfect complement of customized programming and course work, special access to faculty and advisers, and a community of students who share your academic passions.

CMU’s residential colleges are:

All of our residence halls, and each of the theme halls or residential colleges within them, come with their own charm and personality.