CMU immerses students in more leadership opportunities than any other college or university in the country. That's because we believe leadership is what drives success in your career, your community and in life.

What is a leader?

A true leader is known by their actions, not their title.

Leaders act with a set of personal values and beliefs. They understand their sense of purpose and recognize their own strengths and weaknesses.

Leaders creatively solve problems with respect for diverse viewpoints. They are active citizens, lifelong learners and innovators.

Leadership development

Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute empowers students to become leaders and contribute to a socially responsible world with integrity and conviction. Programs like Leadership Safari and the Spark Leadership Series offer you opportunities to develop and enhance your leadership skills.

Leadership Safari

You will have the chance to dive into leadership as soon as you arrive to campus. Leadership Safari, a five-day leadership orientation program, is where nearly 2,000 freshman and transfer students learn about community, teamwork, academic success and what it means to be a leader.

LeadCMU Programs

You have no shortage of ways to explore, discover, experience and challenge what leadership means. LeadCMU has a variety of programs designed to help you develop as a leader.

Leader Advancement Scholarship

Leaders like you can earn up to $8,000 over four years with the Leader Advancement Scholarship. Awarded to students who have established themselves as leaders during high school, the LAS is a way to continue those efforts through your college career.

Leadership Minor

You can even take courses and earn a minor in leadership. Th e first and only among Michigan's four-year universities, CMU's leadership minor gives you a choice of three tracks of courses and experiences.