Hundreds of students transfer to our main campus each year to continue their education. Like you, they’re looking for the full college experience of being on campus, getting involved and learning face to face from instructors who are leaders in their field.

Whether transferring has been your plan all along or you're just now considering it, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Transferring credits

What courses will transfer? It’s one of the most common questions asked and a vital one for choosing the right school. We accept transferrable credits from regionally accredited schools and foreign colleges approved by the government. We offer several tools to help you determine exactly which credits you’ve already earned will transfer to CMU.

CMU transfer equivalencies

Use this database of previously approved transferrable courses to explore how they translate to credits at CMU.

Transfer Equivalencies Database

Transfer simulation tool

This tool allows you to simulate your personalized transfer scenario. You can select specific courses you’ve taken at your current or previous school and see exactly how those credits transfer here to CMU. It will show you what additional courses and steps you’ll need to take to earn your CMU degree, so you’ll know exactly how long it will take you to graduate.

Transfer Simulation Tool

Michigan Transfer Network

The Michigan Transfer Network allows you to view transfer equivalencies between many Michigan colleges and universities.

Michigan Transfer Network

Scholarships for transfer students

We award more than $50 million in scholarships each year, including several specifically for transfer students.

Find Transfer Scholarships

Determining cost

Once you’ve determined which credits will transfer and have a good idea of what comes next, you can see how much it will cost to finish your degree. We offer the same tuition rate to all undergraduate students who reside in the U.S., regardless of where you live.

Our Net Price Calculator will help you estimate total expenses based on tuition and average aid received by our students.

Net Price Calculator

Living on campus

As a transfer student, you are not required to live on campus, but you may choose to. Students who live on campus are more likely to have a higher grade point average, graduate on time, get involved in student organizations and engage with faculty outside the classroom. Students who transfer with at least 12 credits and do live on campus are eligible for a grant worth $4,000.

Life on campus