Where do your tuition dollars go? Let's take a look.

At Central Michigan University, we work to keep quality education as affordable as possible. We do this by being frugal with spending and focusing on using our funds in ways that best impact students' learning and experience. This has allowed us to have the lowest cumulative tuition increase of all public universities in Michigan from 2009 to 2019.

At the same time, we have nearly doubled financial aid since 2010. We distribute roughly $290 million in financial aid to CMU students, more than $50 million of that in scholarships alone.

But what happens to your tuition dollars, and how are they utilized?

First, tuition is placed into the university's general fund, where it is lumped together with other sources of revenue, such as state appropriations, academic departmental income and more.

From there, it is used to help fund a variety of expenditures. Here's the breakdown.

For each $100 in tuition at CMU:

$33 goes to fund more than 1,000 faculty and instructors who lead the way in CMU's academic offerings and advancing your learning every day.

$25 goes to fund staff who support your journey – from those in your residence halls and library, to those in the student service court and advising and support offices, and to those who coordinate student activities.

$13 helps provide the scholarship opportunities we mentioned above, including those for students who otherwise couldn't afford a university degree.

$12 goes toward university supplies, such as computers, telephones, furniture and other supplies in offices, residence halls, labs and classrooms, and other facilities on campus.

$9 is used to fund activities and services to enhance your college experience, including health services (such as the campus clinic), IT support, athletics and university recreation.

$5 funds the upkeep and construction of our campus buildings; utility costs; and maintenance on items such as water lines, parking lots and sidewalks.

$3 goes to pay the more than 5,000 student employees who earn hands-on experience on campus each year and the temporary employees who help keep CMU up and running.

As we try to be efficient with our funds, we encourage our students to do the same. College is expensive, and learning how to manage your costs during college can go a long way.

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A good way to be good with your money is by knowing how to budget and save, understanding credit and how it works, and having a plan for paying student loans.

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