​​About 27,000 students a year pursue their future at CMU — including preserving the Earth’s resources, starting businesses, teaching our nation’s youth, and treating and preventing disease.

Central Michigan University has earned distinction as a Carnegie doctoral/research university, known for the research opportunities it gives even to undergraduate students. We offer approximately 200 programs led by expert faculty.

The following data is for the 2018-19 academic year, based on a 15-credit-hour per semester load and a standard residence hall and unlimited flex meal plan:

  Per Semester Per Year
Resident tuition*
Non-resident tuition
Room and board$5,038
Student service fee

*This applies to all undergraduate students who are U.S. residents. This does not apply to specialty programs with unique tuition rates.

Note to students and parents: When comparing university costs, find out about differential tuition that increases with certain majors or as students take higher-level classes. CMU does not have differential tuition.