​​About 27,000 students a year pursue their future at CMU — including preserving the Earth’s resources, starting businesses, teaching our nation’s youth, and treating and preventing disease.

Central Michigan University has earned distinction as a Carnegie doctoral/research university, known for the research opportunities it gives even to undergraduate students. We offer more than 200 degree programs led by expert faculty.

The following data is for the 2017-18 academic year, based on a 15-credit-hour per semester load:

  Per Semester Per Year
In-state tuition$6,255
Out-of-state tuition*$11,835$23,670
Room and board$4,868

(This room and board rate reflects a standard residence hall and unlimited flex meal plan. Books and supplies are extra.)

Note to students and parents: When comparing university costs, find out about mandatory fees and differential tuition that increases with certain majors or as students take higher-level classes. CMU assesses no mandatory fees and does not have differential tuition.

* Effective fall semester of 2018, all undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who are U.S. residents will qualify for in-state tuition. This does not apply to specialty programs with unique tuition rates.