We work diligently to help you finance college. Most CMU students — about 85 percent — receive financial assistance of some sort.

If you’re a high-achieving student, please note that CMU makes it a priority to reward success. See our undergraduate scholarships.

All future students are encouraged to take these steps:

  1. Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Get this form from your high school guidance counselor or online. To complete the FAFSA:
    • Gather your — or your parents, if you depend on them to help you financially — tax information. You’ll likely need estimated income from year-end check stubs and W-2 forms.
    • Submit the completed FAFSA on the web or through your high school counseling office.
    • List CMU's name and Title IV School Code: 002243.
    • For priority consideration, submit your FAFSA no later than Feb. 15.
  2. Apply for scholarships. CMU offers hundreds of scholarships. So do many other sources. Be an Internet guru and do your research. Apply early!
  3. Enroll in CMU's interest-free payment plan. The CMU Payment Plan lets you make five payments a semester.
  4. Take a job on campus. CMU offers thousands of jobs, from web development to being a library assistant or working at a residence hall desk. If your merit award letter (received only if you complete the FAFSA!) includes work study, you’ll be on the priority list for a campus job.

Ready to take the deep dive? Full details about scholarships, loans, federal applications and so much more await you at the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid and through Admissions​.