You're a leader, you're ready to take the next step, and Central Michigan University offers you the opportunity to find your path to success.

Our undergraduate scholarships offer awards to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Some of our most common scholarship awards are listed below. 

Maroon and Gold Merit Recognition Scholarships

Our merit-based scholarships for incoming freshmen consider high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Students who have applied to CMU are automatically considered for these awards. Submit a complete application including all supporting materials by Dec. 1 for priority consideration.

Scholarship Matrix

Merit awards based on GPA only

We understand you may not have a test score because of cancellations due to COVID-19. We have test-optional merit awards, too.

Percent of tuition HSGPA Annual amount 4-year total
50% 4.0 $6255 $25,530
45% 3.9-3.99 $5630 $22,977
40% 3.8-3.89 $5004 $20,424
35% 3.7-3.79 $4379 $17,871
30% 3.6-3.69 $3753 $15,318
25% 3.0-3.59 $3128 $12,765

Competitive Awards

Our competitive scholarships for incoming freshmen are awarded based on a variety of factors, including academic success, community engagement, leadership, enhancing diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion, and more.

Approximate scholarship values based on 2020-2021 undergraduate tuition rates. To receive priority consideration for merit awards, new freshmen should submit their application by Dec. 1 and transfer students should submit their application by April 1. A complete application includes all supporting materials and the $40 application fee.

Find Additional Scholarships

Scholarship Universe is a great new tool for finding both CMU and external scholarships. Log in using your new CMU account and answer profile questions that will match you to scholarship opportunities. Then, choose the scholarships you’d like to apply to. Don’t Wait! Apply by March 31st.

CMU also has competitive departmental scholarships that aren’t listed in Scholarship Universe. Be sure to check out these opportunities as well.

For more information, contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at or the Admissions Office at