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Families just like yours are affording a Central Michigan University education.

See for yourself.

Roughly 85 percent of all students receive financial aid of some sort. This means CMU awards financial aid to families from a variety of income levels.

Family Income Pie Chart
Family income distribution for CMU students receiving financial aid.

CMU serves students from all economic backgrounds.

So, how much will it cost to attend CMU?

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2018-2019 cost per semester

Estimated cost per semester includes:

  • $6,255 for tuition

  • $5,038 for room and board

  • $500 for books and supplies

  • $427 for travel, personal and miscellaneous expenses

  • $225 for student service fee

That’s a lot of money.

Yes, it is. You could buy a new car for the same price, but it won't last as long as your college degree. It’s a sure bet that a new car will depreciate in value, and you’ll need to get a new one in the future. The education you get at CMU will last a lifetime.

Know where your tuition goes.

College costs a lot, and you want to make sure those tuition dollars are being used effectively to give you the best return on your investment. Here's a guide that breaks down how tuition dollars at CMU are used to enhance the student experience.

See the breakdown


OK, I can see the value, but that’s still a lot of money.
How can I pay less?

CMU has increased financial aid to students by 87 percent since 2010. Roughly 85 percent of all CMU students receive some type of financial aid or scholarships. This means what you’ll pay is likely to be less than you think.

There are ways, other than scholarships and financial aid, to reduce your debt, too.

  • Graduate in four years or less, which lowers your housing costs and gets you into the job market sooner. Learn how other students have done this.

  • Get a part-time job, which will improve your budget and your résumé. You CAN work and go to school at the same time. In fact, find out why an on-campus job is a good thing.

  • Be smart about student loans. Borrow only what you need for educational expenses. Get tips for tackling student loans.

  • Be strategic about the classes you take. Professors, other students and advisors can help you make smart decisions. Schedule an appointment with an advisor for help deciding what classes will meet your goals.

  • Get a full-time job during the summer months to help pay for school and gain work experience. CMU’s student employment services can help you find one. Check their job postings to see open positions.

What about other expenses? How can I manage my own budget?

We know there are more costs to college than just tuition. It's important to understand and manage your finances as a student. We are dedicated to giving you the tools to set a budget, save money, understand credit and manage student loans.

I want to be frugal


How do you determine MY cost?

Piggy Bank

$12,445 per semester. Think of this like the sticker price. It’s a big number, but most families won’t pay this amount.

Scholarships and grants

First, we subtract scholarships and grants. CMU distributes $309 million in financial aid including institutional scholarships, federal loans, Pell grants, work-study and other funds.


Next, we subtract student loans.

Other aid

Then we look at other aid such as prepaid tuition plans.

Actual cost

We arrive at your actual cost, which often is significantly less than the sticker price and can even be $0 depending on scholarships and other aid you receive.

That looks good, but I still don’t know how much I’ll actually pay.


You’re right. The actual cost of CMU is different for each family depending on everything listed above.

Use our net price calculator to estimate YOUR cost.

I’ll probably graduate with $100,000+ in loans, right?

NO! CMU students who borrow money have an average student loan debt of $21,500. That’s a whole lot less than the six-figure amounts you may hear about.

26 percent of CMU students graduate with NO debt.

Remember, scholarships, grants, summer jobs and part-time jobs can all offset the cost of your education.

Graduation Cap

That’s still a lot of money.
How will I pay it back?

CMU grads are successful.

  • CMU students are ready for the real world, with nearly 70 percent gaining hands-on experience through volunteering and community service.

  • 56 percent of CMU students participate in internships, clinical training and student teaching, by the time they graduate – great preparation for after they leave. And it helps them stand out from their peers.

  • CMU students develop a great work ethic, with 39 percent of students working for pay on campus and 46 percent reported working off campus.

  • More than 10,000 employers recruit students through CMU Career Services each year.

  • 89 percent of students who graduate from CMU either are employed or pursuing an advanced degree one year after completing their undergraduate education.

  • The mid-career salary average for CMU grads is $69,500.

Our best advice? Pursue internships and hands-on extracurricular activities. Get involved with student organizations. Work with our Career Services staff from the time you're a freshman. And all through school, talk with faculty and alumni about career opportunities. You'll find a career.

Why should I choose CMU?

1. Your education is tailored to your interests.

Learning at CMU is all about you and your future. With more than 200 academic programs on campus and many more online and at more than 35 locations across the U.S. and Canada, we provide the training, information and services you need. You choose how you'll use them.


2. You’ll become a leader.

CMU offers more leadership programming than any other university in Michigan (and likely in the nation), including Leadership Safari and the state’s first leadership minor. You’ll learn to speak up, be an effective team member, focus on solutions, be a good communicator, engage others and care for the communities in which you work and live.


3. You’ll gain real-world experience.

You’ll gain relevant hands-on experience that will prepare you to succeed in your chosen field. You’ll find a student organization for every area of study, and there are opportunities that range from research as an undergraduate, to completing an internship, to studying abroad. Employers value these experiences.

Real-world experience

4. You’ll be more than a number.

Students and alumni describe CMU as a big university with a small-campus feel. That means you’ll learn at a nationally ranking university where faculty, staff and other students take an active interest in you and your goals.

More than a number

It’s how we help you put your stamp on the world.

OK, I’m fired up! What's next?

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